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Benjamin Taylor's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Benjamin Lawrence Pa Nii Taylor was born on December 24, 1949 in Accra, Ghana to Dr. Robert Nii Oku and Salome Adaku. He grew up the young son of a medical practitioner in the African community, and his mother dedicated yet enterprising, whose Christian upbringing guided Benjamin with his brothers and sister (deceased) early in life in faith, perseverance valuing integrity, diligence and compassion. Raised with the profound influence of his beloved grandmother Loretta Taylor for whom he was named, of the Rolyat House known among generations of locals in Accra city; he channeled her inner spirituality and Godfearing wisdom with his deep faith, robustness and vigour. His early education comprised of Accra Royal Primary School and Teshie Secondary school where Ben as a student excelled in academic subjects science, literature, etc., winning literary prizes and competitions on occasions. After gaining admission to study medicine at the local Accra university, following the wishes of his medical officer father, Ben took on a journey instead to pursue his childhood dream of navigation thus at 18 he arrived in Germany and found himself enrolled in a naval course to eventually become a Captain. At the time, already by age 24, Ben became an Able Bodied Seaman (ABS), as accomplished while training at Bremer Nautical College. He successfully completed his training in naval studies to obtain his Captain's license with the Master's level attainment from the Cuxhaven Nautical university in Germany where he then married with children. Blessed with his six children (and his adorable grandchildren) born in Ghana and Germany, Ben in his role as father guided and kept his loving children on the upright and honourable path in life. Being himself a highly engaging individual, Ben showed his enterprising streak and driven-motivator ways in all things he took full on. After finishing his illustrious career as a sailor serving as a captain on extensive travel shore-to-shore around the globe with the merchant marines, that included Hapag-Lloyd shipping lines; he embarked into a line of business when he owned a furniture business store in the German seaside city of Bremerhaven that later saw him relocate to South Carolina, USA with a consignment dealing in furniture goods to the military personnel based in the location. Upon successfully completing the furniture consignment business, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he made a good living at top of the line sales record in auto dealerships, as well as a mortgage analyst during the housing market upswing until he retired to initiate another business venture towards Accra, Ghana. A visionary, life warrior and mighty sailor in his lifetime Ben positioned himself in life to inspire many, lead and uplift those less fortunate he came across at varied levels; aside from whom to a high degree have known him well showing his love, dignity and courage. His great positive outlook, insights, wisdom were to bring out the best in any situation, essentially his nature and blessings were to behold. Gifted with the spoken word, Ben brimmed with confidence, radiating his immense energy, optimism, quick wit as well as delightful humour. In his unique style, he grew up speaking several languages from African dialects along with German in his youth, to Greek also. He was ahead of his time in more ways than one. Laid to rest, for now, from our spiritual beliefs our loved ones will be raised in Christ on the appointed day. This temporal world has shown how fleeting times are to make a great, lasting world of good impact and joyful legacy like the one and only Benjamin Lawrence Pa Nii Taylor. The Holy Scriptures teachings of life: "Greater is He who lives in you than he that is in the world" Your life Ben with your glorious transition to a heavenly place speak to the Truth in the way you embodied and lived to testify the Love of God in Christ Jesus.